Silent Crusade
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Guild Charter
Silent Crusade was created to be a haven for folks of like mind and spirit. It has endured because the people who are in it care about each other, their opinions and their enjoyment of the game. The goal always was, and always will be, to provide an environment where people can enhance their in-game experience.

We are a very different kind of guild and that may not be every person's cup of tea. This is not a bad thing. If we are not swinging an epic and not wearing uber armor, we don't consider that a failure. Failure is when the members of this guild are deprived of the enjoyment they get from playing. Epics and other uber gear will come hand in hand with the achievements of our goals, not in place of them.
  1. Make the guild a priority. If a fellow guildmate needs assistance, any member who is available will aid them.

  2. Respect your guildmates. Regardless of mistakes, words spoken in the heat of the moment or any other perceived wrongs, remember that we have chosen to be united as guildmates and as such deserve each others respect.

  3. Respect your guildmates' time. Bear in mind the time and energy it takes to help you with teleports, assistance with quests, organization of raids, etc... Illustrate your recognition of this by showing appreciation, being on time for raids and/or understanding on the occasions when they are unable to offer you the assistance they need.

  4. Resolve disputes privately. If a problem does arise between two or more guild members, they are to attempt to resolve it privately, whether it be in tells, by email or some other 1-on-1 form of communication. If a private resolution is not possible, the matter is to be brought to the attention of an officer who will attempt to mediate. At no time is it acceptable to air private grievances in guild chat or on any forum of the website.

  5. Offer to lead. Setting up a raid and leading it is highly encouraged. This can be anything from a 2-group raid for experience to a planar or epic raid requiring many groups. To assist new raid leaders with this challenging task, veteran raid leaders will act as raid seconds, mentors or general sources of knowledge and assistance. It is expected that guild members will use common sense when scheduling raids (i.e. not overscheduling the guild for raids or scheduling a raid too close to a raid already planned).

  6. Visit the guild website. The guild is made up of people from all over the world with different schedules. Despite this, we endeavor to stay in touch. The guild website is an excellent way to do this. Guild members are encouraged to visit the website as often as their schedule allows. Also, all characters (main and alts) that are guilded should be listed on the Guild Roster and be kept as up to date as possible.
  1. Represent the guild well. The guild tag above your head makes you an ambassador for the guild to the rest of Norrath. The way you act in groups, in shouts and oocs, and on any game related forum will reflect back on all of us. It is expected every guild member will act accordingly.

  2. Report issues with non-guild members to the guild. If any unpleasantness does occur between a guild member and another player, group or guild, it should be reported to the guild. If the situation requires any further action, the officers will deal with it.
  1. Quality not quantity. A prospective member must hunt with at least 5 members 2 of which need to be officers to be considered for invitation to the guild. This can occur over the course of a single raid or as many raids as it takes to meet the 2 officer requirement. All 5 members must vote "yea" for an invitation to be offered. Any officer may veto a prospective member as it is trusted that this would only occur with good reason.

  2. Guide a newbie. New members will be assigned to an officer who will aid in their orientation. The officer will be responsible for bringing the new member up to speed on guild rules, current events and general info. This officer will not be the person who proposed the new member.

  3. Introduce yourself. New members must visit the website and post an introduction within 1 week of joining the guild. This will ensure the new member is aware of the board and can find it and allow any guild member who has not yet met the new member to do so. It will be the responsibility of the new member's assigned officer to ensure this requirement is fulfilled.

Raid Loot:

Extra Gear:

Offer extra gear to your guild mates. What is yours is yours, however it is good practice and common courtesy to offer hand me downs within the guild.
Quest Items:
Keep quest components for your guild mates who needs them. This can include Vellious Quest Armor gems, Luclin Quest Armor items, bone chips for faction and any other item that is needed by a guild mate for a quest. Although every guildmate is encouraged to keep and offer any quest item they may come across, it is ultimately the responsibility of the guild mate who needs to item to inform the guild of his need.
Actions that embarass or offend the guild will be punished. While it is hoped this rule never has to be invoked, actions unbecoming to a member of Silent Crusade will have repercussions. There are three stages of discipline:
  • A verbal warning by an officer
  • A verbal warning by the guild leader
  • Dismissal